The Stockport Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) and Stockport Safeguarding Adult Board (SSAB) Joint Conference was held on 11th October 2018 at Stockport Football Club.

The Conference theme was linked to:

·         MCA – Understanding capacity 16+          

·         Transitions – The views of the parent and young person on transition from child to adult services.

·         Mate Hate Crime

·         Self Neglect & professional curiosity

·         Domestic Violence and Abuse    

The Conference was attended by almost 200 professionals across a wider variety of discipline across adult and children’s services and included a strong representation from the private and voluntary sector. 

This year we were honoured to have in attendance a parent who was able to speak about their experience as a parent of a child in receipt of services. Lesley’s contribution to the conference was invaluable.

The Conference featured presentations from Mark Fitton (Director of Adult Social Care) and Deborah Woodcock (Director of operations, Stockport Family).

Steven Richards gave a powerful presentation entitled, understanding mental capacity for years 16+.  This presentation was highly rated at the Conference with much interest from professionals to invite Steven back to provide bespoke training within their respective agencies.

Finally, Afta thought presented three situations relating to Mate Hate Crime, Self Neglect and Domestic Violence and Abuse, each case brought real case scenarios to life. Delegates reported they left the event feeling inspired and was confident to apply their understanding within the workplace, and that the case scenarios delivered were meaningful and powerful.   

Highlights of the day can be found via the video links below: