Multi-agency adults at risk system (MAARS)

The MAARs panel considers cases in respect of adults aged 18 years or over, where existing mechanisms within agencies for resolving or minimising risk have not been achieved. The focus of the panel is on addressing the risk to the adult and in doing this will also consider other persons affected. The panel enables better risk sharing and risk management between agencies and facilitates better outcomes for people. The MAARs panel will support agencies in their work to lower and manage risk.

Aims of the panel:

  • to share information to identify, clarify and agree on risk
  • promote safety and wellbeing of high risk adults
  • improve multi-agency communication pathways
  • to utilise resources more efficiently
  • to develop risk management plans
  • for those who are not engaging, co-ordinate a risk management plan to seize the opportunities that can enable engagement and/or monitor the well-being of the person
  • to improve agency accountability
  • to share risk across agencies
  • identify a lead/key worker

Please submit your referral at least 7 working days in advance of the panel meeting. The panel meeting takes place on the second Tuesday of each month.

If you’ve any queries regarding the referral process email

Adult abuse or neglect

Do not ignore it.

  • call 999 in an emergency
  • Telephone: 0161 217 6029
  • Minicom: 0161 217 6024
  • Out of  hours: 0161 718 2118
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